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Play Thing Thing Arena 3
This Run 'n' Gun Shooter is probably the best I've played so far online. It's addictive, and with great sounds, varied level design with accompanying music, plenty of blood and gore, a medal system and style points, along with a showcase of weaponry - it delievers exactly what it promises.

Medals: The NG Medals involve getting 100 or 50 kills with a weapon in the game. It's quite straightforward but I thought I'd write down some of the things I found to be useful.

General Medal Gameplay hints:

If you stand right beside (almost on top of) an enemy, you are invincible. He can shoot, but he won't hit you (beware of splash damage from explosions however). This is useful when reloading.

Pressing and holding 'S' (or crouch) with your back to wall will make your little dude 'take cover' (it'll just look like he's crouching next to it) and will make him harder to hit. Also useful when reloading.

When going for the medals, start a custom game in any 'Large' level. Not medium, not arena. This is because large levels have 3 ammo drops.

At the beginning, kill up to 40 enemies to find your chosen gun (for example, the rebound gun) and stock up on ammo by running around, picking up the 3 crates and running away. When you have a suitable amount of ammo, commence murdering.

If you don't find your chosen gun within 40 kills, restart the match. This is because you will need to get 100 more kills(making a total of 140) at which point the enemies get harder. A good idea when you have shit guns like the Glock.

When using the shotguns, it is easy to get headshots. Really, really easy. Keep you mouse trained up slightly, on your targets forehead and walk right up to him. When your gun is practically stuck in his face, blow it off. One shot.

Specific Medal Help

Cranial Eviscerator - I used a Grenade dart launcher for this one. Shoot one dude in the head and 5 seconds later he explodes, killing those around him (usually counting as multi-headshots). Shouldn't take long.

Execution - For this, you have to grab an enemy (with 'F') when he's 'stunned'. A little fiddly, but launch an acid grenade and press F twice. Or switch to a lead pipe, smack and grab.

100 kills with lead pipe - press 'Q' to switch to the lead pipe - this will save you having to press 'spacebar' to throw every weapon you pick up. When attacking, swing high and aim for the forhead. 4 swings will decapitate. It takes a while but it is quite easy to get.

100 kills with proxy grenade launcher - It is VITAL to stock up on loads of ammo - you get crap all per crate. Once you have ammo, go for multi-kills to save it. Easy if you can conserve the grenades.

100 kills with rebound shotgun - Shooting an enemy in the usual way wont hurt them at all. Aim at the floor (or ceiling), pretty much exactly half way between you and your target to rebound it and kill. Another way is to crouch facing a wall (a little distance apart) with enemies gathering behind you. Shoot of the wall and it should kill quite effectively. Once you get the knack of it, it's pretty easy.

100 kills with Thompson - Nothing too hard about this, except the fact that the gun is completely crap. You should probably set teh round scaling higher than usual so you don't get swamped holding a shit gun.

100 kills with acid grenade launcher Many ways to this, including the usual stock up, find a room, back up to a wall and lay a constant supply of acid infront of you. If you crouch and reload at opportune times (not necessarily when you're out in the clip) you should get a good 'untouchable' bonus.

100 kills with Artifact 19 This is actually one of the harder ones. You only get an ammo cap of 100 bullets and it uses 9 to kill an enemy. Ammo crates give you nothing but it recharges slowly (something like 1 every second). A good way to get this medal is to grab an acid grenade launcher, play in 'Large Sewers' and crouch in the spot showed in below picture. Here, enemies rarely hit you and by launching an acid grenade, you weaken the enemies. To avoid killing them with acid, shoot a grenade into their midst and switch to Artifact 19. As soon as the acid starts spraying, so do you. It should have the ammo taken for each kill.

Technical Medal Help

For those of you having trouble getting Artifact 19 despite having all the NG medals, pause the game while playing and look at the IN-GAME ACHIEVEMENTS. If you do not have all of the 100 kill ones (shown on the 2nd and 3rd pages) you'll have to do them again.

The difference is that NG will give you the medals regardless of weather you die in that particular game or not, whereas youwill only get them in-game if you DIE, so don't "quit to menu" after getting those 100/50kills, just stand around and get shot.


If you need anymore help, have a better way of doing things or hate/love this guide, please feel free to comment.

A Medal guide to Thing Thing Arena 3